Pylasteki is a 1961 Pearson Triton sailboat. She is one of my personal project boats... I am rebuilding her as a blue water cruiser.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly update: Hanna, and finger painting.

Reinstalled the bow cleat... yippee.

Battened down the hatches for Hanna and tied up boats. Doubled up the lines on Pylasteki, and crossed my fingers. She sure looks small around all the barges and shrimp boats! No damage... so all is well!

Sunday... Painted the new fiberglass to keep it from degrading in the sunlight. Way to hot to do any real work.

Heading back down this weekend, going to recore the starboard side of the foredeck and see about rigging up a window A/C unit in the companionway to do the side decks from inside. The sun is hot, and the wind seems to stop on the weekends. (Grin)

Switching gears from storm evacuation, to some other forms...

Lately I've been pondering airheads... well... composting toilets.

At the moment I have a pile of lavac parts, and will need to figure out a holding tank... move the through hulls and replace some seacocks. Pondering going the airhead route as it'd be 2 less holes under the waterline. No tanks, dip tupes, pumps, or maintenance items (sanitary hoses...) all around more streamlined installation. Anyone have experience using one? (Comfortable seating height? Really big grin!)


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