Pylasteki is a 1961 Pearson Triton sailboat. She is one of my personal project boats... I am rebuilding her as a blue water cruiser.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

So... Another week has gone by (for all intents...)

I've pulled off the stainless rubrail, and de-gooped it with a razor blade. I think there is some pre-historic silicone present... so working dillegently to remove all traces before sanding anything. Thats three nights work. The yard moved her out of the way, so I had to jockey my pile of lumber and table, tarp, cockpit parts... etc from one side to the other, and clean up my old spot of spent box fans, grinding discs, and vacuums... grin.

I've been building a staging, stacking up pallets and laying 2x10's across them I think it'll work out nicely. Really wish she was blocked higher for doing bottom work, but kind of nice for setting up staging, I'm 3 high in the bow and two in the back.

Noel has been keeping me busy otherwise... rebuilding the transom, and resheathing 30 feet of plywood and glass from the waterline to rub rail on both sides... Stepping slowly away from the skill saw... but, rotten wood is my bane... kinda stole priority from Pylasteki.



jorge said...

Hey, Zach. I've read your blog from A to Z, (it took me a little while, by the way) and the sailing bug stung me too, but i haven't have the opportunity to get in the sailing or marine business.
In the mean time I'm reading every single book, blog, website, or whatever i find related to sailboats.
To tell you more about how passionate I am regarding sailboats pay attention to the following:
I found on Craigslist someone who was looking for a sailing buddy, not being sure to call or not to call I asked my wife , who encouraged me to do it so.
The guy wanted to know what sailing experience I had, and I told him that I have a passion for it and the last time I had sailed was long time ago (obviously it wasn't true, it was never before).
But he accepted and we met to go sailing. At the end of my first sailing experience (that by the way it was everything as I expected) I told him the truth.
He could not believe he was sailing with a newbie and did not notice that.
He said it never happened to pass trough his mind because my sailing vocabulary was to advanced and the way I handled the sheets trough tacking and jibing mede him feel so comfortable like he was with someone experienced.
But anyway my passion keeps growing to the point of owning, building, repairing or just sailing a boat whatever my budget would allow.
By the end of this year I will move from Dallas,Tx to Fort Lauderdale,Fl so I hope I find my dream come true.
Good luck with your project and let me know whenever you circle the globe.

Zach said...


Good luck with your dream! Have you seen: