Pylasteki is a 1961 Pearson Triton sailboat. She is one of my personal project boats... I am rebuilding her as a blue water cruiser.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday I stopped by a marine consignment shop, and nearly tripped over a 15 pound toadstool that looked like it had just been pulled out of a mud bank.

On closer inspection, it's a bronze Simpson Lawrence vertical windlass that takes a winch handle...

I'll be curious to see how it works. I've been pondering installing a set of sampson posts on Pylasteki (been working close to shrimp boats a bit to long... my fashion sense seems to be at a new low...) but it does seem like an easy way to take a vertical windlass that requires sitting down on deck beside it... and turn it into a horizontal one at a reasonable height.

Anyone recognize what model it is? Looks like it takes 5/16ths Chain, but I'll have to take it up to the local chandler to see what variety fits best.

Zach - Gotta love old bronze.

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Ben said...

Nice find. I found my RC Plath windlass the same way. One new wildcat later and it's been great since then.