Pylasteki is a 1961 Pearson Triton sailboat. She is one of my personal project boats... I am rebuilding her as a blue water cruiser.

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Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, I heard about some theft of copper air conditioning unit today... and would like to reflect on the heft of the jacketed exhaust system of a Triton. 37 pounds worth of heft. I bet that air conditioner is somewhere in the same scrap yard...

With the sudden windfall, I was swayed for a moment to put the proceeds towards a water lift muffler on the atomic four... snapped out of it when I realized I'd have to climb back inside the cockpit locker to fit it.

Claustrophobic moments are caused by places like the cockpit lockers of Pylasteki. I wedged myself in an attempt to remove the crusty bilge blower with snipped wiring. The beverage terrarium (its not an ice box!) will have to be removed before the fasteners are accessible.

Thanksgiving will prevent any work from getting done on board, but I'm still scheming up interior designs. Focusing on ventilation and cost effective ways to install a water tight forward hatch. Bomar and other extruded aluminum hatches are beautiful, but out of the question from a cost standpoint. The original teak and plexiglass leaks, and does not inspire confidence under foot. The sharp lip bruises ribs when the deck is plunging up and down during sail changes. Offshore I wish for the confidence that anything on deck can withstand breaking seas, so as Pylasteki is refit, she is refit with long distance in mind.

School is keeping me busy, as well as a few other projects... Thanks for all the comments, I'm glad to know Pylasteki has a loyal following and the correct pronunciation of her name! She won't stray far from her racing roots... where parts can be made lighter, they will. I do need to sell the 170% Carbon Fiber Genoa! It's a physically big sail that doesn't stow well.

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